Wednesday 21st Jun 2023 | 08:00 – 10:00 BST | Sci-Tech Daresbury Keckwick Lane Daresbury WA4 4AD



8.00 am – Registration and breakfast – Sausage/bacon butties/pastries

8.30 am – Introductions

8.35 am – Chat GPT demonstration – what is it and how you can use it to create social media content – David Boardman VEC

9.00 am – Replenish coffee/tea

9.10 am – Top tips to increase the reach of your social media posts – Becs Bate

9.35 am – Case Study – How consistent social media posting pays off – Alex Dodgshon, Uscita Ltd

9.45 am – Round up of meeting followed by Tour of the Virtual Engineering Centre (half hour)


This networking event brings together some of the best expertise across the North West when it comes to Social Media.

This event will take places at the Virtual Engineering Centre in Daresbury where you will be shown how to use some simple free online technology that can write social media posts and blogs for you, just by inputting a simple command. This is free tool called ChatGPT and is the latest in AI technology to simplify your content marketing. The University of Liverpool (VEC) will be demonstrating how you can use it as part of your marketing strategy, as well as discussing the pros and con’s.

Could this be your answer to consistent social media posts?

Becs Bate from Social Media Executive will then sharing some top industry tips on how to increase the reach of your social media posts so that they get shared far and wide. She’ll also be running through some common mistakes people innocently make on social media that can have a dramatic effect on the visibility of your posts reducing the growth of your followers.

Alex Dodgshon, Director of Uscita who specialise in helping businesses plan their exit strategy, will explain how she’s recently increased her engagement on Facebook by 623% and achieved 51% increase in web hits from LinkedIn.

The networking part of the event will be relaxed and engaging

For those able to make it this will be followed by a complementary tour around the Virtual Engineering Centre to see some digital innovations of the future in practice.


To find out more and to register, please click here.


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