Melo World is a competitive award-winning manufacturer of Visual Management & 5S solutions for production and operations facilities. They create and deliver clear internal communication for branded displays and premium signs, with experience of working in industrial environments including the automotive and logistics industry.

Their products are created to promote businesses and enhance functionality within day-to-day operations, sharing key announcements and safety information. All signs are fit-for-purpose and are customisable to suit the needs of their customers.



The Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) approached Melo World to introduce them to the CW4.0 project and how it aims to support manufacturing businesses across the region in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. Striving for continuous innovation, Melo World explained that they are interested in exploring how pioneering technologies could support the transformation of their product, enhancing their offering to customers and how they can even implement this technology internally within their own company.

The NAA also introduced Melo World to project lead, the Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) who explored the functionality of their products and how digital technologies could seamlessly be applied for improving product offering.

The VEC made recommendations for implementing e-ink technology for digitalising their product for improving the value delivered and the ease of use for the end-user. This option would also reduce the costs for the company wanting to bring additional signage into the working environment when compared to bulky and pricey large screens such as a television.



Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the VEC was able to implement real-time updates and information directly from a cloud platform, which are then clearly and seamlessly presented to the factory floor via the new e-ink displays. Before introducing these screens to the operating floor, all updates and information were manually written, or paper updates would be pinned which is time-consuming and can become demanding on other resources such as stationery and printing.

Digitalising this product has meant news and updates are delivered in real-time, replacing outdated and unnecessary information which can also help in attracting attention and retaining information. During this testing, the Melo World teams were able to offer quick and direct feedback to the VEC for creative input in designing how they think would work best for them and their customers.

Now tested and proven to work effectively amongst their own teams and working environment, Melo World is looking to implement this technology within their product offering for new and existing customers, increasing the value of their products whilst remaining competitive.


“Melo World is always looking for the next ‘big thing’ and how we can continuously improve our products and we understand that ‘digital’ is the way forward. The support we received from the team at the Virtual Engineering Centre through CW4.0 has been invaluable to us – having someone make the recommendations and then implement and test for us, has saved us a lot of resources such as time and money.”

Phil Hudzik, Managing Director for Melo World


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